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See which traits make you unique, and how you can become a top performer



Set Goals and Challenges for yourself and others, and achieve new Breakthroughs



Automatically profile your teams and improve the way you work together


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See which traits make you unique, and how you can become a better performer
Discover your own Top Traits and how that compares to the traits of your friends and coworkers. Who is the most ambitious, most risk averse, etc
Find people with specific traits, either in your own social circle, or anyone else on the planet, through our unique Global Traits Search.
Ask for feedback through our Private Anonymous Feedback Messaging and give feedback to your bosses and co-workers (anonymously if you want)

Set Goals and Challenges for yourself and others, and achieve new Breakthroughs
Set Goals for yourself and Challenges for your friends and peers, and use the shared knowledge and experience of everyone you know to achieve these goals faster
Post your weekly personal and professional Breakthroughs, no matter how small, and shout about your achievements
Be recognised for your Goals and Achievements, and recognise others for theirs - you can give up to 5 awards per month.
Automatically profile your teams and improve the way you work together
Instantly create Team Profiles of your project teams, plotting team members across each of the behavioural criteria, seeing who adds what.
Complete a weekly "Team Health Poll", allowing team members to feedback how they feel the team is performing over time.
Set Team Milestones, and match the person with the best traits to each milestone
Company Culture Match
See where you rank on the Leaderboard and what traits others might bring. It's all about culture fit!
Discover your ranking on your company Culture Leaderboard
Discover your match with the culture of other top companies and see where you rank compared to your friends and coworkers
Check out the employee culture of hundreds of top companies and see how your company compares.
Recommend people who you think will fit your own company culture through our Employee Referral scheme (coming soon)
ViewsOnYou for Enterprise
Create your own private, confidential, closed-user group Hub,
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Create your own Custom Questions to review your hub members against
(over and above the standard 23 traits)
Add performance measures
(eg low, medium, high or 1, 5, 10)
Add your own specific company values
Help your members to see the other project teams in your organisation and what they can add - empowering internal mobility
Benchmark your peers and discover the traits that best generate success in every part of the organisation:
helping you measure and change your organisation's culture for top performance, and
helping your members boost their professional development through on-going personal feedback
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The Science Behind The Scales
ViewsOnYou is not a psychometric tool. It is a structured crowd-sourced profile of what people think of you, answering the key questions that hiring managers really want to know about both candidates and existing staff.

The behavioural traits that are measured on ViewsOnYou’s crowd-sourced profiles of how you work, think and interact with others, are a synthesis of what employers around the world look for. They are designed to avoid any overtly positive or negative associations, with NO scoring out of 10, and consequently, genuinely can't be gamed in any way.

Different traits are important for each and every role in each and every Company, and whilst a Company may exhibit a certain set of traits as part of their overall Culture, these may not be the ones they are looking to hire against for a given role.

Enhanced with real-world experience, each sliding scale synthesises the science behind:

  1. Over 20 personality and behavioural tests and models including OCEAN (the classic “Five Factor Model”), and incorporating both dark side traits and learning agility.
  2. The recruitment and talent management assessment criteria of some of the world’s leading companies.
  3. Confidential assessment criteria used by leading global executive search firms.
In terms of actual number of reviews, ViewsOnYou recommends a minimum of seven for each person. Note that individual biases are largely eliminated after just four reviews (see “Handbook of Research Methods in Personality Psychology” by Robins, Fraley & Krueger, 2007). The multiple-observer approach goes back to the origins of psychometric research, before the ‘black box’ approach of psychometric testing, and provides obvious links to the 360 review process seen as best practice by so many companies. Robins, Fraley & Krueger call this approach ‘highly effective’.

Statistical Validity

The ViewsOnYou 360 results, across all users, are also measured for the standard deviation of the spread of outcomes across each of the 23 metrics, and correlation scores between the metrics, and show that user profiles are both well distributed across the full spectrum of each trait, and the correlations between the traits are low, demonstrating that each of the 23 metrics measures a unique trait. By overlaying actual peer assessments of people with classical psychology research and practical experience and combining that with social media, supported by strong statistical analysis, ViewsOnYou delivers a powerful tool to both make recruitment and talent management more efficient and help users in their own careers.

ENERGY: How you work

  1. Ambition
  2. Drive
  3. Competitiveness
  4. Pessimism / optimism
  5. Extraversion
  6. Risk appetite
  7. Energy intensity
  8. Conscientiousness
INTERPERSONAL: How you interact

  1. Sociability
  2. Cooperativeness / Dominance
  3. Considerateness
  4. Confidence
  5. Integrity
  6. Provocativeness
  7. Sensitivity
  8. Resilience
INTELLIGENCE: How you think

  1. Intuitive / Analytical
  2. Appetite for Information
  3. Detail orientation
  4. Creativity
  5. Curiosity
  6. Incisiveness
  7. Adaptability